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Three new records were set at the 2 mile Self-Transcendence Tjarnarhlaup race September 14


The weekly 2 mile Self-transcendence Tjarnarhlaup races have undeniably grown in popularity and prestige, as three new records were set at the last edition, September 14.

The race was held in optimal autumnal conditions - a little chilly, but dry, still and a bit sunny.  This had, no doubt, something to do with the record turnout of eight runners, but the old record was five.  This was also an incentive for the runners to push their limits - in other words: to transcend - and two of them set their best ever two mile race times.

To start at the beginning, Snatak Matthíasson made a sincere attempt to break the course record of 10:42 (held by himself), but came 4 seconds short.  Nevertheless, this was good enough to win by a comfortable margin.

However, Snatak should start taking notice of continually second Andrés Ramón, who ran at his best ever time of 11:20.  Another personal best was Davíð Sigurgeirsson's time of 14:00.  Not only was this a great personal achievement for Davíð, but also good enough to beat Upajukta Ágústsson, who has claimed ownership over the 3rd place, with a 10 second margin.

During the race, race-director Ganagane Stefánsson got a call from an anxious fan of our website who lives in America.  Our fan wanted to ascertain that the results of the race would be put up on the web.

Results (1-mile split time shown in brackets):
  1. Snatak Matthíasson 10:46 (5:17)
  2. Andrés Ramón 11:20 (5:35)
  3. Davíð Sigurgeirsson 14:00 (6:56)
  4. Upajukta Ágústsson 14:10 (6:54)
  5. Ágúst Örn Márusson 14:56 (6:53)
  6. Víðir Sigurðsson 16:09 (7:43)
  7. Rúnar Páll Gígja 21:31 (6:51)
  1. Steinunn Torfadóttir 19:47 (10:02)