Rúnar triumphant

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Rúnar Páll Gígja continues to transcend at the weekly 2 mile Self-Transcendence Tjarnarhlaup races, Tuesday, November 9

Icelandic version

Rúnar Páll Gígja was triumphant at the 2 mile Self-Transcendence Tjarnarhlaup race last Tuesday night, November 9, and, in doing so, became only the fourth winner of this prestigious race.

Rúnar's time was 13:39, which is 30 seconds better than his previous best, set only last week, November 2.  Furthermore, Rúnar has improved by 2 minutes and 5 seconds since the Tjarnarhlaup races started, which was in August 10, only three months ago!

It is worth mentioning that before Rúnar learned of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, and of its founder, Sri Chinmoy, he had not been involved in sports seriously since he was a teenager.

Results (with 1-mile split times shown in brackets):
  1. Rúnar Páll Gígja 13:39 (6:37)
  2. Ágúst Örn Márusson 15:35 (7:42)
  3. Víðir Sigurðsson 16:33 (7:57)