Upajukta triumphant

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Upajukta Ágústsson wins the Self-transcendence Tjarnarhlaup for the first time as his competitors are put off by the wind and cold

Icelandic version

With Snatak Matthíasson still not fit enough to resume his running and Andrés Ramón doing an easy run, the coast was clear for Upajukta Ágústsson and Davíð Sigurgeirsson to vie for victory for the first time.

The much-hyped showdown turned out to be quite a letdown, however.  Davíð, who usually runs behind Upajukta before overtaking him at the last 100m, started too hasty and ran out of steam.

This meant Upajukta had an easy day, and eventually achieved victory at a time of 14:56.

The poor times in the race are explained by multi-directional strong winds and a cold temperature of mythic proportions.  At some points in the race the runners were stopped in their tracks and almost froze down.

Results (1-mile splits shown in brackets):
  1. Upajukta Ágústsson 14:56 (7:27)
  2. Rúnar Páll Gígja 15:25 (7:05)
  3. Davíð Sigurgeirsson 15:46 (7:41)
  4. Andrés Ramón 15:50 (7:42)
  5. Ágúst Örn Márusson 15:57 (7:52)
  6. Víðir Sigurðsson 16:26 (7:56)