Overcoming extreme adversities

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Two runners overcame extreme weather conditions to finish the 2 mile Self-Transcendence Tjarnarhlaup race in Reykjavík, Tuesday, February 8

Icelandic version

It was almost as cold as on November 16 and even more slippery than on November 30.  Combined, these adverse weather conditions made the Self-Transcendence 2 mile Tjarnarhlaup race last Tuesday, February 8, one the hardest races so far.

Only two runners braved the circumstances, Upajukta and Andrés.  Both came through, albeit not uneventfully as Andrés suffered a fall on one of the several slippery spots.  Yet, after this disaster, he simply picked himself up and finished the race, mindful of the words of Team founder Sri Chinmoy that one should never give up.

Bad as though it first seemed, this experience left Andrés physically intact and with a story of heroic effort to his credit.

But, of course, both runners must be considered heroes to participate and finish.

Needless to say, no records were broken this time.

  1. Andrés 13:46
  2. Upajukta 16:30