Snatak Matthíasson breasted the tape at the Jökulsárhlaup, which was held for the first time last Saturday, July 31st.  Snatak ran at a time of 2:34:24 after a distance of 32,7 km.  Björn Halldórsson came second with a time of 2:42:21, and in third place was Andrés Ramón with a time of 2:46:45.  First in the female category was Áslaug Helgadóttir at a time of 3:12:03.  Snatak and Áslaug will have their names engraved in a stone that will remain by the entrance to the Ásbyrgi National Park for times to come.

Upon inquiry, Snatak said that the victory had been a nice surprise, as he had mainly run for the fun of it.  He added that the conditions had been as best as they could get, sunny but with a cool breeze.  He  praised the organizers for their efforts, for example for the total of nine water stations that were placed along the course.

The course started at the majestic waterfall Dettifoss, from where it came through the beautiful Vesturdalur valley, passed by Hljóðaklettar rocks, where the sound of the Jökulsá river can be heard from a distance, and ended at Ásbyrgi, an outdoors area which consists of awesome rock formations that were created by the hoof of Odin's horse, Sleipnir, according to lore.  All of the course is a part of Jökulsá national park.


Eight members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team took part in the race, but the total number of participants was 88.  Snatak Matthíasson, Andrés Ramón, Upajukta Ágústsson, Ganagane Stefánsson and Steinunn Torfadóttir ran the longer run, finishing all the race.  Unnar Þór Guðmundsson, Rúnar Jensson and Rúnar Páll Gígja ran the shorter distance of 13,7 km, crossing all the finish line.


Three first places in the male category:
1.  Snatak Matthíasson :   2:34:24
2.  Björn Halldórsson :   2:42:21
3.  Andrés Ramon :  2:46:45
Three first places in the female category:
1.  Áslaug Helgadóttir: 3:12:03
2.  Guðrún K. Sæmundsdóttir: 3:28:24
3.  Herdís Klausen: 3:28:32


Update May 2021: The Jökulsá has now grown into one of the largest trail runs in Iceland. Snatak's name is still on the plaque...