Rúnar broke the record

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Two runners set personal records as the participation equalled this year's best in the Self-Transcendence 2 mile Tjarnarhlaup race in Reykjavík, May 10

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The Self-Transcendence 2 mile Tjarnarhlaup race on May 10 was most productive.  First of all, the participation record for this year, five participants, which was set on March 1 and equalled on March 8, was again equalled.

Secondly, two personal records were broken.  Rúnar Páll, who finished first in the time of 13:18, broke his all time personal best by 16 seconds. Rúnar's record-breaking was well-deserved as he had been so close to it last week and the week before last week.  And let's bear in mind that this was an old record, set in the race on November 30 last year.  Thus, Rúnar proved that patience overcomes all obstacles, as Sri Chinmoy has stated.  Read a report on Rúnar's record-breaking.

The second record-breaker was Ganagane, but his time of 18:02 was an improvement of over 2 minutes from his previous best for this year, which he set on January 25.  Nevertheless, Ganagane's all time best, 16:21, set on September 21, is still not within reach.

Furthermore, Ágúst Örn and Víðir made good attempts at new records.  Ágúst was 4 seconds off his all time best, 14:09 set on April 26, and Víðir was 2 seconds away from this year's best, 16:07 set on March 8.

Finally, Upajukta is still recuperating and thus his time is nowhere indicative of his real running strenght.

Results (1-mile split time shown in brackets):
  1. Rúnar Páll 13:18 (6:20)
  2. Ágúst Örn 14:13 (6:53)
  3. Víðir 16:09 (7:50)
  4. Ganagane 18:02 (8:36)
  5. Upajukta 19:38 (9:23)