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Two runners participated in the Self-Transcendence 2 mile Tjarnarhlaup race, last Tuesday, March 22, in Reykjavík



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Fleiri myndir hér.


After all the recordbreaking that's been going on in the Self-Transcendence 2 mile Tjarnarhlaup races recently, such as on March 1., 8. and 15., the race on last Tuesday, March 22, seemed awfully quiet. Only two runners participated and neither of them managed to set a new personal record - not even a new year's best time.  Usually, however, this would be quite normal, but after all the progress that has been made lately, the fans are starting to expect more.


Of the two runners Víðir came first.  This, in fact, could be called a record of sorts, since this is the first time that Víðir gets placed first.  Before this race Víðir had never reached above third place, but third place is an achievement that he reached three times in a row on November 2., 9. and 16.  Víðir's time, 16:36, however, was a bit away from his best times; 29 seconds from his year's best, 16:07, set on March 8 and 44 seconds from his best ever, 15:52, set on October 12.  Víðir will need to run faster if he intends to improve his records.


Davíð came second and last.  Davíð has never reached above second place, but has twice before reached second place, on 21. and 28. of September.  In those days, on the other hand, Davíð ran at a considerably faster time.  This time Davíð ran at 17:26, which is 28 seconds away from his year's best, 16:58, which came on March 8 and a big 3 min. and 26 seconds away from his all time best, 14:00, which came on September 14.  Thus, Davíð has his work cut out for him if he intends to improve his records, but, on the other hand, it should be easy enough for him to improve his current time.


All in all, these two boys should have every chance of making progress in the races to come, and, as Sri Chinmoy has explained, progress gives joy, even small progress.


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1. Víðir 16:36

2. Davíð 17:26