Ágúst ran alone

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Only one runner participated in the Self-Transcendence 2 mile Tjarnarhlaup race in Reykjavík, April 5


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Fleiri myndir hér

It was a cold and windy Tuesday evening April 5th, when the Self-Transcendence 2 mile Tjarnarhlaup race took place.

Thus, it was not altogether surprising that only one runner felt up to the race.  This lone runner, Ágúst Örn, has shown great enthusiasm in the races of late and has participated in six out of the seven last races.

Consequently, Ágúst's best time has greatly improved; this year he has improved his best time from last year by 20 seconds.

Today, however, Ágúst found it understandably hard to come even close to his best time because of the cold and wind and finished at a time of 15:42, which is 1 minute and 24 seconds slower than his best.

Nevertheless, participation in the Self-Transcendence 2 mile Tjarnarhlaup race is never a waste of time!  For one thing, running experts, such as Sri Chinmoy, have commented that there is great advantage in training under unfavourable circumstances.

Another thing is that simply meeting with the crew and spectators of the Tjarnarhlaup race makes it a worthwhile experience.  The sole spectator of this race was Ágúst's training partner, the one and only Rúnar Páll, who was legally excused from participation as he had just undergone a delicate dental surgery.

Results (1-mile split time shown in brackets):
Ágúst Örn 15:42 (7:36)

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