A minor setback

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Three runners participated in the Self-Transcendence 2 mile Tjarnarhlaup race in Reykjavík, May 3


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Fleiri myndir

It was through no fault of the weather, this time, that the three runners, who participated in the Self-Transcendence 2 mile Tjarnarhlaup race on Tuesday, May 3, were unable to set new records.  The weather was actually not so bad.

However, if your faithful reporter may be so bold to say, it was as some measure of tiredness could be detected in the runners, which in itself is unsurprising, as they have been intensely training recently, and have participated in most of the Tjarnarhlaup races this year.  At any rate, this is the most likely explanation for the absence of records your faithful reporter can come up with, for a new record is set in almost every race.

Rúnar Páll stood first - and he was also closest to breaking a record.  Rúnar finished in the time of 13:37 which is only three seconds away from his record, a record which he set on November 30 and equalled last week.  In fact, it has been almost painful to see Rúnar so nearly break his record for the last two races.  Nonetheless, Rúnar, mindful of Sri Chinmoy's philosophy, is not contemplating giving up.  He fully intends to set a new record next race, and he will take care not to eat shortly before the race.

Ágúst Örn came second in the time of 15:20, which is considerably far away from his personal best, 14:09, which he set last week.  Ágúst has been training a lot for the last few weeks and looked tired.

Last but not least was Víðir in the time of 16:40.  Víðir has not yet been able to seriously challenge his personal best, 15:52, which he set on October 12, and his best time for this year, 16:07, set on March 8, also still stands.

  1. Rúnar Páll 13:37
  2. Ágúst Örn 15:20
  3. Víðir 16:40
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