The sunshine boys

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The sun finally shone in Reykjavík and acted as a catalyst for three new records in the Self-Transcendence 2 mile Tjarnarhlaup race last Tuesday, March 1


The Self-Transcendence 2 mile Tjarnarhlaup race was run in a bright, clear weather last Tuesday, March 1.  It was a bit chilly, perhaps, but not so much as to bother the runners.

These excellent conditions acted as a catalyst for three new Tjarnarhlaup race records.  This, of course, is what we all strife for in the Tjarnarhlaup races, for, as Sri Chinmoy has illustrated, it gives the race a greater sense of value if the runners and organizers compete with themselves and try to improve themselves.

The first record was this year's participation record.  Five runners took part in the race, a number of runners that was last equalled in the last race of last year, November 30.  The absolute record attendance in the Tjarnarhlaup races from the beginning - 8 runners - , however, still stands.  This record was set in September 14 and equalled on October 12.

The two lead runners each set a personal record:
Andrés came first at the time of 12:27, which is his best time this year.  Andrés' previous year's best was 13:10, which came in the run on January 18.  Andrés hasn't run this fast since October 26 when he ran at 12:16.

Second place was Ágúst at the time of 14:24, which is his best time ever.  Congratulations Ágúst!!!  Ágúst's previous personal best was 14:38, which came in the race of September 7.

Third place was Upajukta at the time of 15:28 and trod heavily.

An unexpected fourth finisher was Víðir at the time of 16:39, despite not having started the race.  This is, therefore, a mystery unto us and his time is set in between brackets while the mystery is unravelled.

The final finisher was Davíð, who was more interested in harnessing the gravitational pull of his muscular mass than attaining actual speed.  He finished at his worst ever of 18:41, although it is somewhat mitigating that he has been out of circulation since October 26.

But the end result was that all five runners finished happy and it seems that the Tjarnarhlaup races are looking toward a brighter time with growing sun and happier runners.

Results (1-mile split time shown in brackets):

1.Andrés 12:27 (6:06)
2.Ágúst 14:24 (7:08)
3.Upajukta 15:28 (7:21)
(4.Víðir 16:39 (7:49))
5.Davíð 18:41 (8:43)