Relentlessly jogging

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Four participate in the Self-Transcendence Sunday Fun-run March 13, despite an ill-disposed weather and other obstacles


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Fleiri myndir hér

The weather that greeted the four joggers that participated in the Self-Transcendence Sunday Fun-run on March 13 can hardly be called hospitable.  This weather is best described by the Icelandic term "gluggaveður", which literally translates as "window-weather".  Window-weather basically means that although the sun is shining and it looks beautiful outside, it is actually freezing, windy and quite inhospitable.

This, however, is, of course, no obstacle for the joggers of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Iceland, who are emboldened by a Viking spirit.  The names of the four who jogged last Sunday, Ágúst, Pujarini, Suballabha and Viktoría, will doubtlessly be recorded in the annals of heroism.  Add to this that Suballabha neither had the time to put on proper running attire nor running shoes, and still he ran.  What a guy!

As usual, your faithful reporter took some snap shots of the surroundings, which can be viewed here.