Jogging in the sun

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The Laugardalur recreational area welcomes the Self-Transcendence Sunday Fun-run with a mild, pre-spring weather, March 6


The weather was sunny and mild during the Self-Transcendence Sunday Fun-run on March 6. The participation was good, four runners, which is equal to the best turnout since we started covering the fun-runs on this site (this former best turnout was on February 20).  Consider also that missing on March 6 were the sisters Selma and Kristbjörg and Rúnar Páll, but the three of them have participated in all the fun-runs that have been covered on this site.  This means that there is easily scope for a bigger turnout.

These three regulars were replaced by three dynamic women; Steinunn, Viktoría and Pujarini.  Suballabha was the only representative of the boys.  He also participated on February 20.

At days like this the Laugardalur recreational area assumes an early spring charm.  Naturally, the point of these Sunday Fun-runs is not just the exercise but also to share a moment with friends in a beautiful environment.  This, of course, is something that Sri Chinmoy tirelessly encourages us to do.  Kindly view some additional photos here.