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The boys in the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Iceland have started playing soccer again


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Fleiri myndir hér

After a long break, the boys in the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team have started playing soccer again.  The games, which are filled with breakneck speed, brilliant moves and excitement, are usually played early on Saturday mornings.

Last Saturday, March 12, your faithful reporter dropped by and beheld an exciting game in full swing.  Among the highlights that the reporter was able to capture were Upajukta's examplary goal celebretion, Rúnar Páll's ball-control and Andrés' samba-football.  Davíð showed some examplary defensive work and Ganagane showed his muscles.  Víðir and Ágúst couldn't show much, for they played the role of goalkeepers.

All these highlights and more can be viewed here