Icelanders run Self-transcendence marathon

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Five runners from Iceland run the Self-transcendence marathon in New York

Icelandic version

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Five runners from the Icelandic Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team ran the annual Self-transcendence marathon, held by the International Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, on August 25.

These runners were:
Male category: Snatak Matthíasson, Andrés Ramón, Upajukta Ágústsson, Davíð Sigurgeirsson.
Female category: Steinunn Torfadóttir.

Ganagane Stefánsson also participated, but had to quit after half a marathon.

The Self-transcendence marathon is run on a beautiful park course in upstate New York and the conditions this year were superb.

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team founder, Sri Chinmoy, was present and watched the race for quite some time, providing inspiration for the runners.

This is the third edition of the race, and each time Iceland has had a representative.

The times of the Icelandic participants this year were:

Male category:
  1. Snatak Matthíasson 3:23:29
  2. Andrés Ramón 3:27:29
  3. Upajukta Ágústsson 4:47:49
  4. Davíð Sigurgeirsson 6:16:06
Female category:
  1. Steinunn Torfadóttir 6:22:49
The three best times for male and female category were:

Male category:
  1. Gyula Szabo 2:32:33
  2. Horst Felgitscher 2:41:57
  3. Gregor Buser 2:42:06
Female category:
  1. Dhavala Stott 3:10:57
  2. Garbitashri Webster 3:14:43
  3. Narmada Heer 3:20:04
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